Managing reservations is one of the most crucial part of running a hotel business. Our hotel reservation module brings a new level of simplicity and efficiency in the operations without compromising on the quality of service.
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Available Functions

Search Reservation

Combining different filters, our system gives you the most accurate search results for reservation details and allows you to process all the guest queries with utmost certainty.

Quick Booking/Reservation

Innboard system easily facilitates quicker room bookings by allowing you toΒ  create a booking/reservation with the minimum required details such as date of arrival, check-out date, room details and contact information while adding the rest of the details later.

Reservation Creation, Amendment & Cancellation

Sometimes plans suddenly change and changed arrangements should not be a major pain. In Innboard, it only takes seconds to amend or cancel guest reservations at any time from your desktop or mobile devices.

Individual Room, Room Type & Rack Based Reservation

Innboard system allow you to book/reservation by choosing room number, room type or even a combination of the both leaving no room for error during booking process

Guest and Company Profile Management

Aiding you to provide a better service to returning guests, our system retains all guest or company details including preferences and requests that they made.

Individual & Group Reservation

Reservation by Companies & References

Airport Pick Up and Drop Off Service

Complimentary Items

Reservation Payments: Advance & Refund

Reservation Confirmation & Cancellation E-mail

System shoots automated confirmation via Email to confirm/cancel bookings. The front office staff can even print a hard copy for walk-ins or any guests who request it.

Room Rent Hide/Show in Confirmation Email

Cancellation / No Show

A single click will take care of cancelled or no-show bookings and the system will automatically update room inventory across the channels. You can conveniently levy cancellation and no-show fees based on your hotel’s policy.

Available Reports

Room Reservation

Available Filter: From Date, To Date, Company Reference, Reservation Status (Active, Registered, Cancel, No Show), Room Number, Filter By (Booking Date, Check In Date, Expected Check Out), Reserved By.


Available Data: Reservation Number, Booking Date, Guest Quantity, Guest Name, Company/Group, Contact Person, Payment Mode, Reference, Check In, Check Out, Number of Nights, Type, Quantity, Room Number, Room Rate, Status, Reserved By, Total Guest, Total Nights, Total Room

Expected Arrival List

Available Filter:Β Reservation Number


Available Data: Expected Arrival, Probable Arrival Time, Guest Quantity, Guest Name, Company Name, Reserved-By, Payment Mode, Room Type, Room, Quantity, Room Rate, Pick Up, Flight Info, Expected Departure, Remarks, Total Guest, Total Room

Room Control Chart

Available Filter: From Date, To Date


Available Data: Available Rooms, Expected Arrivals, Stay On (In House), Occupancy, Expected Departure, Out of Order, Out of Service, Position, Occupancy %, Room Type, Junior Suite, Deluxe, Deluxe Twin, Premium Twin, Executive Suite, Premium, Total Vacant

Room Reservation Forecast

Available Filter: From Date, To Date, Company


Available Data: Date, Reservation Number, Company Name, Number of Rooms, Occupancy (%), Total Night, Total Revenue

Room Reservation Cancellation

Available Filter: From Date, To Date


Available Data: Reservation Number, Booking Date, Guest Name, Company/Private, Check In, Check Out, Reference, Room Type, Quantity, Room Number, Room Rate, Cancellation Reason

Room Reservation Transaction (Advance/Refund/No Show)

Available Filter: From Date, To Date, Payment Mode (Cash, Card, Mobile Banking, Company), Payment Type (Advance, Number Show, Refund), Received By


Available Data: Date Time, Reservation Number, Payment Mode, Payment Type, Description, POS Terminal Bank, Received Amount, Paid Amount, Operated By, Total Amount, Grand Total

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