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Available Reports

Banquet reservation

Available Filter: From Date, To Date, Banquet Name


Available Data: Banquet Name, Reservation No., Contact Person, Contact No., Email, Booking Date, Party Start Date, Party End Date, Person (Adult), Person (Child), Reference, Status

Banquet Sales Information

Available Filter: From Date, To Date, Category Name, Item Name, Reference No


Available Data: Category, Item Name, Date, Reference No, Qty., Unit Rate, Service Rate, Service Charge, City Tax/ SD Charge, Vat, Additional Charge, Total Amount

Reservation Cancel Information

Available Filter: Arrive Date From, Arrive Date To


Available Data: Canceled Date Time, Reservation Number, Cancelation Reason, Canceled By

Sales Transaction

Available Filter: From Date, To Date, Multi Service Info, Payment Type, Received By


Available Data: Payment Mode, Service Date, Receipt/ Invoice No., Description, POS Terminal Bank, Received, Amount, Paid, Amount, Operated By

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